Birdie Builders

Birdie Builders is a personal training, fitness, and performance facility built specifically for golfers. There are fundamental differences between the physical stresses at play in golf versus other sports, and so physical training for golfers must acknowledge and reflect this. At Birdie Builders, the focus is to make sure that every player has a program designed to maximize the necessary mobility, power production, balance, and coordination required to play their best golf.

Every program is individualized to the needs and goals of the player. Baseline testing includes player history, a comprehensive physical assessment, launch monitor data, and biomechanical video swing analysis on our simulator to determine ideal exercise and training parameters

Analysis and all training sessions are conducted by Dr. Timothy Gould

Dr. Timothy Gould

Tim has been providing fitness training, physical assessment, and biomechanical analysis for golfers for 18 years. His combined background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedics , and certifications through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and Back to Golf uniquely position him to provide golfers with a directed, evidence-backed training program to address their physical and on-course goals. Tim is passionate about providing the highest level of service to golfers who want to play better, feel better, or simply enjoy the game more.

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