Studio Policies

In order to help us deliver the best experience for all students, we ask that you review and adhere to the Studio Policies. Thank you for choosing  Mind Full PILATES and YOGA!

Arriving at the studio...when you arrive , please remove your street shoes and sign in.  The locker room on the lower floor is available for your personal belongings.  Please turn cell phones off ~if you have a legitimate reason for keeping your phone on~ lower the ringer volume and leave the studio if you must take a call. Please arrange your workout space with any props or accessories you will need for the class. 

Cancellation Policy...You have 24 hours prior to your class or private lesson to cancel and/or reschedule.  We will attempt to fill your class or lesson regardless of when you cancel, but should you cancel less than 24 hours in advance other clients have most likely been turned away, therefore, you will be responsible for the class or lesson fee

Class Reservations...may be made on our online system, in person or over the phone.

While in the studio...please use only non-breakable drink containers.  During your session chewing gum is not permitted for safety reasons.  We provide disinfectant and towels to clean the apparatus and the mats.  Please be courteous to the next student and wipe your workout area when done. 

What to wear...we recommend comfortable clothing, socks and/or barefoot.  Instructors will be better able to provide feedback regarding your alignment if your clothing isn't overly baggy.

Guests of our clients...must fill out the appropriate health forms prior to dropping into a class.

Perfume, Lotions and scented body sprays...please be considerate of others and the possibility of allergies.  Also keep in mind that we are very focused on our breath and strong scents can be distracting to the student. 

Tip for the new student-lotion and Pilates don't mix! 

Tobacco use prior to class...please be considerate of others with the use of tobacco products prior to class.  The studio is a dedicated space and many students have allergies or sensitivities to these products. Please refrain from chewing gum.

Update your information...please keep up to date health forms on file in the studio.  Any changes to medications, personal information, email, etc. need to be made aware to the studio coordinator.  Thank you~


Should classes or lessons need to be cancelled due to inclement weather or instructor illness we will do our best to post cancellations and/or changes on our Facebook page and on our online scheduler.  If you have any doubt regarding inclement weather and there is no post please call the studio or the front desk of the Court Jester West Athletic Club for the most up to date information.  607.729.3332