Pilates - Getting Started

Getting Started!

There are different options to consider when starting your Pilates and/or Yoga program.  To get results we recommend a minimum of  three workouts per week.  At the very least, once per week in the studio and twice per week at home.  In the beginning of your journey, spending at least two times per week in the studio will help you learn proper technique which will truly aid your progression.

Pilates and Yoga

No equipment needed - we are a fully outfitted state-of-the-art facility.  Everything you'll need is provided. 

The mat work is an excellent way to begin as long as you have no special issues and are generally healthy with no chronic conditions. 

Please check our schedule as we regularly offer introductory classes in various session formats.  Intro classes and/or private lessons are the gateway to starting your Pilates journey.  If you have practiced elsewhere, but are new to our studio please contact us and we will assist you in finding your appropriate class levels. 


If you have had pain in the past due to injury or poor posture, or are currently experiencing pain or any special issue in your body it is best to schedule at least one private session with our certified instructors in order to determine whether mat classes would be suitable for you.

Private Sessions are recommended for those students who have had major postural problems and/or muscular imbalances.  We encourage everyone , at any fitness level, to experience at least one private session so that we can give the appropriate exercises to fit your body's issues and to help clarify the fundamentals of the method.  It is very important that Pilates and Yoga be taught with proper technique emphasizing set up and execution of each exercise.  Alignment and movement initiation is essential if the student is to develop correct neuromuscular patterns. 

Semi-Private Sessions (duets and trios)

If you do not have any serious issues with your body this is one of the best training options available.  You and a friend(s) can workout with one instructor, get very detailed corrections and have the use of all the apparatus in the Pilates system.  When booking semi-private sessions it is best to have a friend who is available to workout at the same days and times.  If you do not have a work out buddy, but would like to try this training option, please contact the studio and we will do our best to find you an appropriate workout partner.


  • Be on time for all lessons and classes
  • Do not eat a large meal prior to Pilates or Yoga sessions
  • Arrive hydrated
  • Communicate with your instructors by providing feedback about your sessions
  • Keep updated health history forms on file with the studio
  • Ask questions! 
  • Have a sense of humor and allow yourself room to grow...
  • Review our studio policies