Aerobic Cycling

Court Jester is now one of only 1200 health clubs in the United States to offer AEROBIC CYCLING.

It's as easy as riding a bicycle!

A 60 minute AEROBIC CYCLING class can burn up to 500-700 calories per session while toning and strengthening lower body muscles (glutes, thighs, and hamstrings).

AEROBIC CYCLING allows riders to pedal in unison up and down imaginary hills, valleys and flat stretches to a funky beat. It's an intense, low impact cardio workout that not only strengthens; it melts fat and builds incredible stamina. Classes are open to all levels of ability and age because you set the bicycle's resistance to your individual fitness level.

AEROBIC CYCLING can also shave pounds and hours from your workout schedule without the complicated steps and choreography of aerobics. Allowing you to have more fun than you thought possible!

It's one thing to come in and have a good time; it's an added bonus to see that your body is changing in such a short period. When you see such drastic results and enjoy the process, you've found a winning combination!

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